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New web-portal - Russian psychology in English [Jul. 7th, 2009|07:29 pm]
Fascinating Psychology Articles



Dear colleagues,

we welcome you to the new web-portal on psychology –

PsyJournals.ru is aimed to provide conditions for fruitful communication between psychologists in Russia and abroad. The journals archives are generally based on publications of Moscow City University of Pedagogy and Psychology (MSUPE), the Centre for development of innovative programs in psychological education and practice. Read more >>>

 The core part of PsyJournals.ru is constituted with full-text digital archives of psychological journals:

Psychological Science and Education >>>

Experimental Psychology >>>

Cultural-Historical Psychology >>>

Also you will find free reviews and translations from Russian into English, information on Russian and international psychological events and much more.

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Character Strengths and Virtues: A handbook and Classification [Feb. 7th, 2007|07:46 pm]
Fascinating Psychology Articles

If anyone has read this Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification by Peterson and Seligman -- you might be interested in this PDF that boils down the framework into one page.
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Who's gay? Does it matter? [Jul. 2nd, 2006|06:53 pm]
Fascinating Psychology Articles

Who's Gay? Does it Matter?
Rich C. Savin-Williams (2006)

Savin-Williams reviews different facets of sexual orientation (behavior, attraction, and identity) and discusses how findings on homosexuality differ depending on which you base your definition on. Most importantly, the negative mental health effects found in gay youth are actually related only to homosexual behavior, and in many cases to aspects of the behavior that are not part of homosexuality per se.

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Welcome! [Jul. 2nd, 2006|06:44 pm]
Fascinating Psychology Articles

Welcome to psych_articles! Anyone's welcome to join the community and start posting, but please read the guidelines below (also on our info page). The post after this one is a good example...


psych_articles is a place to share your favorite psychology articles... or just whatever you're reading at the moment. Posts will consist of a concise description of the article, followed by the reader's notes. The concise description should be interesting, catchy, and fun to read, and written in lay language. Our goal is to teach other folks about the stuff that excites us, and spread knowledge about useful and interesting results. The latter part of the post can be sketchier and more technical.

Why have a community like this?

To spread knowledge: There are some results that are useful to a wide range of psychology scholars, and even to the general public. You can use this to share your favorite finding that doesn't deserve to be buried in the stacks.

To practice writing: Anyone in psychology benefits from learning to write clear descriptions of research and get it across to someone else. Try pretending that it's your research, and you're writing up the results for a funding agency!

To encourage ourselves in reading and note-taking: Everyone's busy, and it's easy to let keeping up with the literature fall by the wayside. It's even harder to keep good notes on what you read, but I find it essential. It's scary how many times I've gone back to an article I read a year ago, and found I had no recollection of what it said. By contributing to this community, we're also contributing to our own professional and intellectual growth!

The posts here are targeted at psychology researchers, therapists and other practitioners, and people in related fields. Anyone with an interest is welcome to read and contribute, though!

Anatomy of a psych_articles post:

* Title of the article

* Author and year of the article

* Brief summary of the article, in clear, non-technical language. This should help people who don't know about the topic understand why it's interesting.

*** put an <lj-cut> tag here ***

* Notes on the article, covering the important details. You should at least describe the rationale for the study, the procedure, and the results.

* Your comments (optional): interesting questions you think it raises, critiques, suggestions for further study, etc.

* Full citation so that other people can find the article.

Posting guidelines

Anyone is welcome to post as long as they're summarizing a relevant article more-or-less according to the guidelines above. Articles can be on scientific psychology, therapy, economics, pharmacology, or any other field, as long as they're interesting from a psychological point of view.

Comments are welcome. Comments that turn into personal attacks or unfounded criticism of entire fields of inquiry (e.g., "evolutionary psychology is sexist!") will be deleted by a moderator.
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